Just a few of my Picture Books:


Mini Milo

Born on a horse ranch, Milo wants nothing more than a family of his own, but it appears that no one wants a little pony. He attempts to be like the other horses, but fails to fool anyone. Finally, Milo tries something new that leads to the perfect family for him.



Don't let the fairy in your fort!

Forts are cool. Fairies are awesome. But believe me, the two don’t mix. Don’t let the fairies in your fort!


And Mole Dug

Every critter in Harmony Butte has a job to do. Rabbit gardens. Squirrel gathers. And Mole? He digs...and Digs...and DIGS, much to everyone’s dismay. When Rabbit and Squirrel make Mole leave, total chaos “consumes” the town. Can the critters work together in time to restore harmony?



Santa and the (almost) Christmas Catastrophe

Uh-oh! It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa just took a bad fall. With his arm in a sling, he calls for an emergency meeting. But the elves are too tiny, the reindeer are all hooves, and Mrs. Claus? She has problems of her own. Is there anyone who can help, or will Christmas be cancelled?



Please Come Live with Me

When a group of animals discover Mia and Michael are moving, each tries to convince the children to come live with them. Doggy offers to play, Palomino offers trail rides, and Bear offers to share his berries. All the homes sound like lots of fun, but Mia and Michael can only pick one. Which home will they choose?



Gopher's Glorious Garden

Gopher wants nothing more than to harvest his glorious garden, but his friends keep interrupting him. Gopher chooses kindness over harvesting his crops. But when Gopher’s garden gets raided, he wonders how he will survive the winter...


Zeno's Light

The only firefly without fire, Zeno wants nothing more than a light of his own. He tries everything to get his light to glow, to no avail, until Zeno realizes he's more important than a glowing bottom.



How the Fairy Found Her Magic

With graduation day near, Nyla must get her wand to work in order to become a real fairy. She tries to copy famous fairies before her, but it doesn’t work. Will she unlock her magic by graduation night?



Glider the Gearhead


Glider wants more than anything to attend the motorcycle festival, but his mean uncle and cousins try to stop him. But when a blue-haired biker shows up, spark plugs fly, and Glider’s world is forever changed.

A fairytale retelling of the classic CINDERELLA for the boys:>


Chapter Books:


A Bubblegum Tale Starring Abigail

Rainbow-loving Abigail appears to be an ordinary, quiet schoolgirl, but she has a family secret. When people need a helping hand, Abigail transforms into her alter ego, the Bubblegum Girl, and saves the day with her magical bubbles.

Middle Grade Books:


The Ferris Wheel Year

YA Books: